september, 2019

07sep09:0017:00TI Workshop Level 2 en 3 in het zwembad van de Universiteit van Gent, BelgieMail via voor de exacte tijden van de drie workshops

Evenement details

Level 1 is the Effortless Endurance Start of the Total Immersion Approach. In this one day workshop you will experience to move through the water with more ease and efficiency.
What will you learn?
The three foundation skills of effortless swimming:
Balance and stability
Become ‘weightless’ by learning to cooperate with gravity instead of fighting it. Learning balance transforms struggle into smoothness and calms churning legs. It also brings the body control, and the mental focus necessary to learn every skill that follows.
Learn to move through water, rather than move it around, by shaping your body to be longer, better aligned, more hydrodynamic; learn to swim using techniques that minimise waves and turbulence. Sleek and slippery swimming means that you travel further and more easily on each stroke.
Whole body propulsion
Replace churning with effortless power by connecting arm and leg actions to rhythmic, relaxed weight-shifts initiated in the core. Instead of generating muscular force you’ll direct available forces of body mass and gravity.

Level 2 is the Advanced Skills:
What will you learn?
Balance: Establish high, wide recovery that rebalances your vessel and sends its weight and momentum *forward* and tune up core stabilizer muscles. Together these increase comfort, control, and speed, hold a sleek body line during recovery, and strengthen the connection between recovery arm momentum, weight shift and propulsion.
Streamline: Keep a longer, lower-drag bodyline as you breathe and swim faster. Control leg-splay and knee-flex to reduce drag, and increase kick-effectiveness.
Kick Timing: The 2-Beat Kick (2BK) is an essential skill. It minimizes drag and turbulence and takes virtually no energy, but adds whole-body power to your stroke. The 2BK adds to propulsion by driving your body through rotation into its most streamlined, minimal drag position.
Effective Propulsion: Convert Force (horsepower) into Locomotion by (1) Position your extended arm to trap the maximum volume of water; (2) Move your body forward — rather than move your hand back; and (3) Do both with no arm fatigue.

In the Level 3 Workshop we teach you the principles of Smart Speed!


(Zaterdag) 09:00 - 17:00


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